Thursday, January 29, 2009


$18.4 billion
Amount of bonuses paid to Wall Streeters for 2008.

I am not sure how anyone merits getting a bonus for a job well done when, for example, "the brokerage units of New York financial companies lost more than $35 billion in 2008," but what do I know about anything. Maybe the bonuses are for "not raising the undead to feed on the living" or "not starting thermonuclear apocalypse"?

"Good show, Winthrop! You completely fucking tanked your clients' portfolios, but you didn't rape anyone (this year, har har!) and you didn't open a gate to Hades in the executive dining suite . . . so, here's another $1.2 million."

Here's a photo that makes about as much sense...

...which I found while looking at this one on English Russia.

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