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Lostpediapoetry: Jughead

The following are taken from theories posted to Lostpedia for the episode "Jughead." Note that the page has now been cleaned up: Bo. Ring.

The bomb's radiation could be the cause of all illness on the island
  • Ben's spinal tumor
    • Rousseau's Team's Madness
      • Infertility
        • Maybe even Jack's pancreatitis (through the weakening of his immune system)
          • Ummm...Appendicitis?

The others may be Roman considering they speak Latin and there's a giant ancient 4-toed foot.
  • Because the Romans had 4 toes on each foot?


Charles Widmore is the son of Desmond and Penny. Desmond will return to the island at some point in the 1930s bringing Penny and their son Charlie with them. Desmond and Penny will die on the island (see Adam and Eve), Charlie will be raised by the Others. Charles will later father his own mother, with the family relationship stuck in a perpetual time loop.
  • That is absurd.
  • Completely absurd.
    • I will stop watching Lost if that turns out to be true.
  • Hurley's mom would have believed it.
    • That's awesome.


One accepted meaning of "Namasté" is: "I respect that divinity within you that is also within me." Taken in this context, this painting could be in reference to the similarities between Widmore and the polar bear, i.e. they have both been to the island and left. Both the polar bear and Widmore have experienced the phenomenon ("divinity") of the island.
  • "Namaste" also spells "Me Satan"
    • And also "Man Eats", what's your point?

The African-American man seen in the background of the camp is ABBADON
  • The man seen in the background of the camp is NOT Abbadon
    • The man seen in the background of the camp is MAYBE Abbadon


Could there be a link between the Rosicrucians and the Island? Secrets dating back to the early 1600's
  • Or maybe the Illuminati? After all Illuminated and Enlightened are pretty much synonyms, plus the producers are fans of the Illuminati Trilogy
    • If at the end of season 6, LOST turns out to be a rip off of a Dan Brown book I think I'll shoot myself

  • Richard does not have an English accent and is a true "original inhabitant" of the Island. I'm thinking that if he ever kicked off his shoes, there would only be 4 toes.
  • Richard has an American accent because it he is an American actor and this is an American show, not necessarily because has came to the island from the US.
  • It's not beyond an actor to fake an accent. The actor who plays Sayid has a very different accent than his character. If Alpert was to have an English accent, I'm sure the actor who plays him can swing it. So, I'm thinking Alpert having an American accent while the Others have English accents has some sort of significance.
    • But if you wanted a guy to play a character "without an identifying accent" he would speak in the vernacular of the place the show originated. The point is the absence of a British accent (like people from the Black Rock would have), not that he sounds American. Who knows what accent 4-toe people have?
  • Fourtugese?

Do you have to actually meet your constant? If Miles is the baby that Pierre Chang was taking care of then Chang would be his constant.
  • As described by Daniel in The Constant. A constant is an object or person that exists in both periods of time, that the traveler deeply cares about and could recognize.
  • If applicable, this would seem to imply that Charlotte doesn't "deeply care about" Daniel (otherwise he would be her constant). -- Travis Seitler 04:41, 30 January 2009 (UTC)
  • then they all have the island
    • If that were true, then you could argue that the entire Earth itself could act as a constant. Also, can you really say that they all care about the island?
      • pwn3d

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