Thursday, September 11, 2008

Turn-ons: Horsies, privacy, forging prescriptions, ignoring existence of half-siblings

Bum rush a liberal elitist, rob a blind newspaper stand owner, impregnate a 17-year old--do whatever you need to do--but immediately read "The Lonesome Trail" in this week's aforementioned Sept. 15 New Yorker. It is a profile of Cindy McCain, and it is full of fascinating information about her and her husband John McCain. There are a few too many biased and judgmental swipes at both of them, which really aren't necessary given the actual lies and white-washed "re-truthings" the McCains expel.

Here's one:
Cindy McCain describes herself as her deceased father's only child; she repeated this claim at his funeral . . . which was also attended by Kathleen, his daughter from a previous marriage, of whom Cindy was well aware. Because she was at her wedding.

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