Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eight is Enough

This was the fastest any Oakland Athletic player had to move after the sixth inning last night, as they walked their way (and then added a grand slam) to an 11-2 bitch-slapping of the once-again-hapless Orioles last night.

Here are some fun stats from the contest:

-Five bases-loaded walks issues by Orioles pitchers (Brian Bass, Brian Burres, Kameron Mickolio, and Randor Bierd) including four in the eighth inning.

-The aforementioned Kam Mickolio gets his own stat line: 6' 9"; bred in Wolf Point, Montana; entered the game with a 9.00 ERA; left with a 27.00 ERA; intro song is "Folsom Prison Blues," because--looking at his ERA--he is apparently familiar with the sensations experienced during prison rape.

-The A's scored eight runs in the eighth inning on one hit (a grand slam by Rajai Davis, only his third of the season, that had to be discussed by the lethargic ump crew because they were confused by the ball actually being struck by the bat).

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