Monday, April 28, 2008

''There is a sense at times that we are always joining Chris Matthews already in progress."*

From a coupla weeks ago in the NYT Magazine: Mark Leibovich's kinda funny and a little totally fucking catty Apr. 13 profile of MSNBC's Chris Matthews ["Chris Matthews, Seriously. (O.K., Not That Seriously.)," which is one of those NYT titles that asphyxiates the "joke" and yet sounds like a LOLCat].
If Matthews has an overriding professional insecurity, it is being confined to the pigeonhole of cable blowhard. The insecurity is well founded, since this is how many people view him.
This is time-tested journalistic sleight-of-hand, in which the writer deploys the obfuscating phrase "many people" as a euphemism for the pronoun "I".

*Title from a fellow MSNBCer who must work with Matthews--and whom the NBC suits wanted Leibovich to write about instead of Chris M.--Keith Olbermann.

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