Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Strike 11

Eleven straight years of sub-.500 ball. That's not bad luck and injuries, you know. Thee Florida Marlins have won two World Series in that time. Orioles=Tragic.

Anyway, I just discovered I completely forgot to go to my last Orioles game this season (this one, vs. thee Toronto Blue Jays), and I have absolutely no guilt or remorse about it. Is this what it's like to be a Royals fan? Kee-rist. And it's not like my seats suck. They totally don't (see left).

Well, here's to 2009 . . . and lookie, the Orioles sent me a condolence card of sorts today, and it has the 2009 Schedule of Despair. Oh look, Opening Day vs. the Yanks. Great. 25,000 gold-chain bedecked, Jeter-jersied master plumbers and beauticians' assistants coming to town should put us all in a great mood for the season. Go O's.

Check out these good Oriole blogs: Dempsey's Army and Camden Chat, which created this beaut:

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