Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Dolemite walks the Earth no more. Rudy Ray Moore--actor, singer, rapper, comedian, sex philosophy narrator--passed away from complications associated with diabetes. He was 81. He is survived by a daughter and his 98-year-old mother.

Read the LA Times obit about the man who killed Monday, whooped Tuesday and put Wednesday in the hospital, then called up Thursday to tell Friday not to bury Saturday on Sunday.

The way Moore told it, his introduction to Dolemite came from an old wino named Rico, who frequented a record shop Moore managed in Los Angeles. Rico told foul-mouthed stories about Dolemite, a tough-talking, super-bad brother, whose exploits had customers at the record shop falling down with laughter.

Other fans remember him . . .

There are a million memories of him over the years:

-discussing our mutual admiration of Bela Lugosi

-his playful disdain for my yearly birthday wishes

-the occasional phone call at the most ungodly late / early hours with Rudy jokingly trying to disguise his voice followed by his audible disappointment when I wasn’t fooled

-my joy of being the butt of his jokes at live performances

-the time I told him an original joke and made him break out in laughter

-when he entered my then apartment over a decade ago, saw my cat, immediately said “here kitty kitty” in his boisterous voice which caused the cat to run in fear

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Teh best LP cover ever.