Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Throne of Kirk

From yesterday's Thee New York Times Home & Garden section, a profile of people (oddly, all men, like Tod Sturgeon, shown here) who build/own their own Star Trek (TOS) command chair:

“You sit in the chair,” Mike Paugh said, “and you’re watching an episode and pushing buttons and you find yourself saying, Fire photon torpedoes or whatever, and you’re making the sounds yourself because I don’t have the sound effects yet.”

“Personally,” said his wife, Barbara, “I think my husband is a nerd.”

And it turns out that a former employer's vast conglomerate of companies includes one operation that sells these chick magnets.

"For those willing to be a little less hands-on, Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles, a company in Timonium, Md., that specializes in science fiction and comic-book novelties, has just begun selling a ready-to-use model for about $2,700. This version — which the company says it plans to limit to 1,701 pieces, in honor of the Enterprise’s Starfleet registration number — includes light and sound effects emanating from the control knobs, push buttons, rocker switches and a mock intercom on the chair’s boxy armrests."

And lest you think I am mocking, allow me present my credentials, left. That's right.
The rare forest green tunic. Which my parents let me wear to photo day FTW.

Set phasers to "ruthless elementary school beat-down."

PS These are sweet.

Top photo: Susan Seubert for The New York Times