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Road Rules

Two very positive things (not shown above) about The Road, from this NYT piece:

-John (The Proposition) Hillcoat is directing
-Michael Kenneth (Omar is a ninja) Williams

“The Road” began filming in late February, mostly in and around Pittsburgh, with a later stop in New Orleans and a postproduction visit planned to Mount St. Helens. The producers chose Pennsylvania, one of them, Nick Wechsler, explained, because it’s one of the many states that give tax breaks and rebates to film companies and, not incidentally, because it offered such a pleasing array of post-apocalyptic scenery: deserted coalfields, run-down parts of Pittsburgh, windswept dunes. Chris Kennedy, the production designer, even discovered a burned-down amusement park in Lake Conneaut and an eight-mile stretch of abandoned freeway, complete with tunnel, ideal for filming the scene where the father and son who are the story’s main characters are stalked by a cannibalistic gang traveling by truck.
Neato! 2008's feel-good hit is due in theaters by November!

Thanks to Bill S for the tip


Maybe it's just me.

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Profiles in Caucasian Courage

Thee New York Times today lets us peer into the lives of four downtrodden pasty-ass white hipsters who are new to Gotham and must "make ends meet" whilst they wait to be discovered and justly recognized for their innate abilities and talents. Which include answering phones and posing for photos. They have to eat peanut butter sandwiches, for Christ's sake! WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE WHITE PEOPLE!!1!!??!?!?

God bless you all, my honky hopefuls.

Photo: Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times

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Brock. Samson. Rocks.

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Your heat shield says Nyet but your docking module says Da

"The Grand Space Voyage" (warning: in Russian) appears to be a big gleaming confusing 1974 rocketship of awesomeness about forbidden teenage love in the Soviet Space Program, plus a kicky theme song. There's much to like about this incomprehensible trailer: set design, costumes, emoting. Also go kart race.


Found at Dark Roasted Blend.

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Guitar Zero

Welp, I can cross "Acquiring the Guitar Hero Set of Fake Plastic Instruments Upgrade" from my action list. From Joystiq:
Activision made Guitar Hero: Rock Band Edition World Tour official today, confirming the details leaked from the current issue of Game Informer. World Tour will feature an all-master track cast, filled with previously named acts like Van Halen, Linkin Park, and The Eagles, plus today's confirmation of Sublime and "many more."
The Eagles. Knobs.

Absolutely Awesome

Awesome photos of TV by Mike Sacks, via Gawker.

Zero Punctuation: Painkiller

(Zeppelin Intro=Good)

You know what I just realized about the brilliance of Yahtzee? He churns out blinding-fast narrated, barely 1.5-dimensionally-animated game reviews, in horridly low-def Flash movies, and they're completely engrossing and really give you a sense of things--AND THERE IS NOT ONE ACTUAL FRAME OF THE GAME EVER SHOWN. That's a nifty fucking trick. Cheers.

NYT's Politiculture Wag Nabs Cable Gig

Man, I just don't have that Variety headline magic. Anyway, the NY Times's 59-year-old Frank Rich is gonna be HBO's creative consultant. Initial reaction: Ur, wha?

From HBO honcho Richard Plelpler (via Nikki Finke):
"When you look at what Frank has done, and his sui generis talent, and his many relationships in the creative community, he has a very, very good instinct for quality."
I had a boss once who used the term sui generis. He took a lot of long lunches and liked to know what people were thinking about him.

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So, World of Warcraft, I get it. (Leeroy Jenkins FTW!)

But Second Life?

Seems like "World of Wardrobe." Or in the case of these "ladies" (of which I am sure like, one, maybe, is an actual chick), "World of Whoredrobe."

Frankly, anyplace Congress thinks is worth visiting for a good ole bloviating is totes ass.

UPDATE: Read this from Kotaku for background about a 2006 WoW vs. IRL incident; then, because the linked video got bombed on that post, watch it here:

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A Trio of Synecdoche, New York Clips

Slashfilm has three clips from Charlie Kaufman's latest pic Synecdoche, New York.

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Snelly Gibbr

This could possibly be the best thing ever in Wonkette, and it's from Nov. 24, 2006.
As Congress has been out of town all week, we haven’t heard from Pretend Representative Shelley Sekula-Gibbs in a while (she’s the gal from Texas who will keep Tom DeLay’s seat warm for a couple weeks before Dem. Nick Lampson, who actually won the election, shows up). But from the Houston Press comes this bit of Sekulania: a brief list of just some of the names accepted as write-in votes for Shelley by the Fort Bend County elections office.
Voters cast their write-in ballots for, among others: Kelly Segula Gibbs, Snelly Gibbr, Schikulla Gibbs, Sheila Gibbs, Shelly Schulla Gibbs, Shelly Gibkula and, by someone who obviously never wanted the joy of using the machine to end, ShelleySkulaGibbsssss.

The absolute best one — perhaps the best political name of all time — was (we are not lying) “Shelly DraculaCunt Gibs.” It counted. And we will say it over and over again until the end of DraculaCunt’s all-too-brief term.*

*Which ended in April 2007.

Grand Theft Yahtzee

And so:

Aim for the head.

Left 4 Dead is looking mighty zombie slaughterrific. Tentative release Sept. 08.

Yer tax Euros at work

Dear Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter:


An American who likes football A LOT.

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"There is a new yardstick for the size of the universe. It is approximately equal to the size of Kanye West’s ego."

From today's NYT: "Ego-Fueled Hip-Hop Sci-Fi Space Odyssey"
The spectacle is framed as a sci-fi space odyssey, with Mr. West as a lone explorer whose starship crashes on an unknown planet. He’s stranded in a landscape of colored lights, billowing smoke — probably enough dry ice to cool Death Valley — and gorgeous, panoramic video images of clouds, galaxies, fireworks and cosmic eruptions. He converses with his computerized ship, named Jane, and with shooting stars. He raps with barely a respite, and bounds around the stage: striding, hunching, pumping his fist, falling to his knees, grinding against the stage, flailing, shouting his rhymes. It is a show of stamina and lonely self-determination that takes on its own obsessive momentum, like a Samuel Beckett scene staged by Robert Wilson and George Lucas.

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"Honey, I'm sorry, I accidentally agreed to a Fox show at lunch."

A good quick Q&A with every nerd's most naughty-bits-engorging brilliant and sensitive idea guy, Joss Whedon, in today's L.A. Times.
I've never taken a job I didn't love. And, yes, I am including "Waterworld." I didn't love it at the end, but what a good idea.
(P.S. Buffy si, Serenity . . . meh, though Reavers=awesomez.)

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The Decline Of Celebrity Substance Abuse

Jess Drowns Her Sorrows
Goes on a 4-Hour Drinking Binge, But Tony's Not the Reason

Gee, four whole hours? That's not a binge, that's lunch.

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Transit Uber Alles

If you've managed to shoot, plunder, stab, bowl, punch, clothes shop, kill, and screw your way through all of GTA IV and are looking for a new challenge, why not download the demo for the stunning Bus Simulator 2008.

Not convinced? What if I were to tell you that it's not some run-of-the-mill U.S. bus simulator--it's a GERMAN bus simulator! Now you are convinced. Enjoy. Tschuss.

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Fiddle About

Though I try to keep not thinking about the 2 Girls 1 Cup fecal phenomenon, I was led by several reputable blogs to a Radar article about a poo-poo-pornographartist whose upcoming trial may or may not be related to Constitutional author (and President) James Madison's steadfast desire for future Americans to make and distribute a movie called Hollywood Scat Amateurs No. 7.

Anyway, while on Radar, I found this other story, which is much less nauseating, though not completely un-queasifying. And though the list of secret societies is mostly old cheese to world-weary folks like us, mostly I liked it for this awesome quote from Milhous about elitist sylvan freakout pad Bohemian Grove.

Referred to by Richard Nixon as "the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine," the Grove appears to be little more than a shit-faced summer camp for the world's wealthy and powerful men, replete with fart jokes and outdoor group urination.
I don't know . . . from the above photo, things look pretty sedate, if not downright fuckin' dull.

Oh. Ok then.

Photos are from Jones Report.

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"We just got too much!"

Please click here. Be sure to read the magnificent comments. Not work safe if you have to explain why you are laughing/crying.

Here's one comment:
"Not gay mutual touching... WITH imitation crab meat? Holy shit. It's like heaven."

Courtesy (if that's the correct term here) Big Huge's Tim Train

The Obamajito

The drink that will make the Wet Hot American Political Summer of 2008 much more bearable, and slightly blurred:

The Obamajito
-Lime juice (2 oz.)
-4 mint leaves
-White rum (lots)
-Club soda (not as much)
-Turbinado sugar (a bit)

Smooth. Refreshing. Change. Future. Mint. Another please. Vision. Lime. Ice. Who does Hillary think she is. Another please. No I feel fine--do these have any booze in them? Let's get nachos. Hey do you think Barry O. ever called Michelle a cunt, like McCain did his wife? Yeah me either. Ok just one more and then I am out of here. Change we can believe in! I can also believe in mojitos. Mmm wait, I am feeling a little buzzed now. Buzzed on Barry O baby! Oh man I missed five calls? How did that happen? Mas Obamajitos, por favor! Ok I am grooving now. The debates are gonna be sooooo awesome. Fuck where is my wallet. Whatareyoulookingat? Ohgodtheroomisspinning. Hey, Terry McAuliffe, callmeacab. I need a beer. K thnx bye.

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