Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Obamajito

The drink that will make the Wet Hot American Political Summer of 2008 much more bearable, and slightly blurred:

The Obamajito
-Lime juice (2 oz.)
-4 mint leaves
-White rum (lots)
-Club soda (not as much)
-Turbinado sugar (a bit)

Smooth. Refreshing. Change. Future. Mint. Another please. Vision. Lime. Ice. Who does Hillary think she is. Another please. No I feel fine--do these have any booze in them? Let's get nachos. Hey do you think Barry O. ever called Michelle a cunt, like McCain did his wife? Yeah me either. Ok just one more and then I am out of here. Change we can believe in! I can also believe in mojitos. Mmm wait, I am feeling a little buzzed now. Buzzed on Barry O baby! Oh man I missed five calls? How did that happen? Mas Obamajitos, por favor! Ok I am grooving now. The debates are gonna be sooooo awesome. Fuck where is my wallet. Whatareyoulookingat? Ohgodtheroomisspinning. Hey, Terry McAuliffe, callmeacab. I need a beer. K thnx bye.

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