Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Talking About Scrivning

For some reason, my under-qualified self will be unleashing some "Real Talk" about freelancing and writing this Saturday, at the 17th Annual Baltimore Writers' Conference. It's at Towson University, which I think is one of the few area colleges at which I did not commit a misdemeanor in my reckless and trainwreck youth.

Best part: Larry Doyle is delivering a keynote. Not best part: It's at 9 am, and the only time 9 am is funny is if you've been up for the previous 24 hours.

I'm unleashing my own sleepy style at 10:15 on a panel with the smart and go-getting Cathy Alter (who has actually written TWO books) entitled "Taking the Freelance Plunge: How to Create the Network, Write the Pieces, and Manage the Business."

I can do the middle one pretty OK; the others . . . meh.

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