Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kindlenfreude * **


The shameful joy one feels when one reads another article about how unawesome the Kindle and Kindle Zwei are.

*Term developed with the assistance of Atomic Books. Check out their selection of national media Kindle-hatin' writing here. Or read it on your Kindle! Oh wait you can't. Because it's crap.

**And no complaints on the shitty German from the Teutonic section! I KNOW IT'S WRONG. IT'S HUMOR. Jeez. Here's J├╝rgen's suggestion: Elektrokindlebuchmaschinenschnitzelfreude. Funny, yes. Short, no.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's App-ening: Where To Find The Good iPhone Apps

Here's a brief list of sites that (in my opinion, yours probably sucks) do a good job of reviewing, previewing, pimping, or otherwise noting good and/or decent iPhone applications, commonly known as "apps" or "ptarmigans."

A solid place to start, lots of coverage of lots of apps from games to bidness stuff. Check out their Editor's Picks for a good starter pack.

Gizmodo's The Week in iPhone Apps
Four apps a week, a proper mix of fun, productivity, things that make fart or gun noises, and creative tools.

If you (like me) were a stereo dork at a younger age and read Stereophile magazine, you'll recognize iLounge's style. But that's good, because there's some serious thought and criticism here, particularly handy when it comes to looking for an external battery pack to let you use your 3GS for more than five hours at a time.

Pocket Gamer.co.uk
Games! Game news! Game reviews (good ones!) Tips on what's cheap/free this week! You must get Peggle!

What They Play: John's Giant List of iPhone Games
This title ain't lyin': It's a big-ass list of iPhone games by 1UP's John Davidson. Check out the last review (for Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyvale, a game I would have totally ignored, but did not thanks to John) and you'll see John's brilliante Olde Worlde wisdom.